Grape Alliance Marketing (Pty) Ltd was established in 2009 as a marketing agent for table grapes originating from different regions in South Africa and Namibia.

Grape Alliance Marketing provides a grower based export vehicle for producers who want to be directly involved in the marketing and export of their own fruit. Grape Alliance Marketing is led by a dedicated, hard working team with many years of experience in the industry, complimented by an invested producer network that is passionate about the product and our brand. We believe in transparency, open communication channels and the combination of knowledge and expertise within the production and marketing operations to create customised solutions to fit each producer and customer's unique environment.

Grape Alliance Marketing is involved every step of the way from production to delivering to our customers abroad and our supply chain is kept as simple, short and cost effective as possible without compromising fruit quality. Our goal is to enable the producer to export fruit of excellent quality to selected markets that will ensure satisfaction of the customer and a sustainable income to the producer. Grape Alliance Marketing supports its growers and pack houses throughout the whole year to ensure optimal market access and delivery of a world class product. Resulting in a product that is produced and packed in an ethical, safe, wholesome and responsible manner, through the use of sustainable pratices.

Grape Alliance Marketing serves a network of growers in the Hex River Valley, Clanwilliam and Trawal production regions of South Africa, as well as the Aussenkehr region of Namibia. We therefore offer a continuous supply of table grapes from week 45 (start of November), when Aussenkehr starts harvesting, until week 16 (middle of April) when the last of the Hex River Valley's crop is harvested. Fruit packed from all areas are consolidated in Cape Town which provides optimal flexibility when loading orders for our customers.

Due Diligence

The Grape Alliance Technical Info Resource Center

The Grape Alliance technical info resource centre serves as a one-stop solution for all our customers’ due diligence needs, conveniently situated in one location from where it can be browsed and downloaded at your convenience. The technical info resource centre is provides specific information on Grape Alliance Marketing, the farms and pack houses in our network, and the whole group and operations.

On farm and pack house level we provide approval certificates for all industry related standards implemented by our growers, records of all plant protection products applied in the orchards, approved results of residue tests performed on the fruit throughout the harvesting season and relevant registration details required to ensure effective data exchange with customers on the industry related data exchange platforms like SEDEX and SIZA.

On company and group level, you will find quality and food safety assurance documentation, plant protection product lists, policies and procedures and any other information you may require.


Contact Us

Leon de Kock - CEO
(t) +27(0)83 234 8292

Niël Fyfer - Marketing
(t) +27(0)60 973 8435

Jan Pienaar - Logistics
(t) +27(0)79 507 8030

Tania Bothma - Technical & Due Diligence
(t) +27(0)83 568 0724

Suline Vorster - Finance & Administration
(t) +27(0)72 092 2668
You can reach our offices at
+27(0)23 354 8152
Send us an email to
Normandie Estate, Orchard Main Road, De Doorns, 6875, South Africa

PO Box 300, De Doorns, 6875, South Africa

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